What are The Most Disturbing Legends of All Times?

Legends and myths are so linked to cultures and personal beliefs. Some are so great and include many elements that become in well known international legends and those are the ones we will share with you. One of those famous and well-known legends goes to “La Llorona”, this interesting woman was known to appear to man which got drunk and were trying to go back home late at night and that is when “La Llorona” appeared and offered them to go with her, but man refused and were scared to death and many never again got drank.

Kuchisake-Onna, the Slit-Mouthed Woman  

One of the oldest urban legends from Japan. Kuchisake was either the wife or concubine of a samurai warrior and was extremely vain. When he discovered that she had been having an affair, he punished her by slitting her mouth from ear to ear and asks, “Who will think you are beautiful now?” The legend was told to warn women to be faithful but it gets creepy when the ghost of Kuchisake-Onna began approaching strangers and chasing children in the 1970s. The story is that Kuchisake-Onna wears a beautiful scarf or mask covering her face and asks them, “Am I pretty?” This is the beginning of a lose-lose conversation. If you say no, she is going to kill you with a pair of scissors. If you say yes, she will remove her mask, showing you her horrific scars and ask, “How about now?” If you say no, she’ll cut you in half. If you say yes, she will still kill you and slit your mouth, making you look like her, hopefully after you’re dead. Here’s a diagram in case you got lost…
There are also other variations of what she might do to you like for example she might follow you home and murder you in your sleep.
In the 1970’s there was a woman who was wearing a mask and chasing some children. She was hit by a car and killed and her mouth was slit from ear to ear. There have also been recent sightings of Kuchisake-Onna and the legend lives on that she follows people who are traveling alone at night.
Some clever people have managed to escape and given us their secrets so in case this happens to you, you’ll know what to do. If Kuchisake asks you, Am I Pretty?, try to confuse her by giving her ambiguous answers like, you are average, I’d give you about a 6, or So-so. Something like that. Or, you could try to turn the conversation around like, Do you think I’m pretty? While she’s thinking, you will have enough time to escape. You can also tell her you have a prior engagement, and she will pardon her manners and excuse herself. Other possible victims have just thrown candy or something at her while they run away… The legend has even spread to South Korea, where she appears with a blood red face mask.

The Black Volga
Russia’s Phantom Death car
This type of car was the most lavish and expensive available at the time and was typically driven by the Communist Party and Soviet political officials. The legend of the black Volga automobile comes from the Soviet Union and spread throughout Eastern Europe. The Black Volga was a very high-end limousine with white curtains and rims that were spotted frequently in the streets in the 1960s. Reports were that women and children would disappear whenever this car came around. According to the legend, high-ranking Soviet officials drove the black Volga kidnapping young, pretty girls to be sex slaves of the highest ranking Soviet comrades. Another version is that children were kidnapped to harvest their organs or sell their blood to rich people suffering from leukemia around the world.
Not one eye witness could see the driver. Some theorize it was nuns or priests, Satanists, vampires, and body venders drove the vehicle.
If anyone was brave enough to challenge the Volga they would be dead within 24 hours. Many parents would make sure to walk their children home from school and told them to watch out for the Volga in case they were snatched and never seen again.

Buried Alive
The wife of an elderly man passes away after a long illness, leaving her husband devastated. He is stricken with grief and keeps denying that she is dead. He insists that she is still alive but since everyone thinks he is just in denial they sedate him and proceed with the funeral. They bury his wife in the family plot at the old man’s estate. That night, he keeps having nightmares of his wife trying to scratch her way out of the coffin and trying to escape. After a week of these nightmares, the family agrees to exhume the body. To everyone’s horror, when they open the coffin, they find the old lady’s hands all bloody with bent and broken nails and scratches on the inside of the lid.

La Llorona
The Weeping Woman
A great way to scare little ones into behaving is to tell them the myth of “La Llorona”, The Weeping Woman. The legend goes that there was a beautiful woman named Maria.