What Are The Differences Between REALITY VS FANTASY?

The words “fantasy” and “reality” by fantasy w mean fiction. According to dictionary.com, defines “Fiction” in many ways. Fiction means a creation or an invention of the imagination.  “reality” is also in the imagination though, but as a construct of memory and sensory perception that we turn into a story, of who we are, what and everything else around us and we trust it to be a reality. Some of us trust what we take for granted as reality as merely a possibility of our interpretation of perception, and thus we are never to be too sure about how real our perception of reality really is, and accept that there is a certain amount o faith required to truly stabilize our sense of reality. This also makes us aware of a big liability in humans, as this study reveals: “…Studies have shown that if you build false information into a fictional narrative, people actually come to believe the false information.  For example, in one study, German college students read a fictional story called “The Kidnapping” into which either true or false information had been inserted.  A control…group read a comparable story without the assertions inserted.  One true assertion was that exercise strengthens one’s heart and lungs.  The false assertion was this statement’s opposite – that exercise weakens your heart and lungs.  Results showed that the college students were persuaded by the factual information in the story regardless of whether the information was true or false… These researchers also studied a phenomenon called the sleeper effect – that persuasion through fictional narratives increases over time as the source of the information becomes remote.  While at first the students’ confidence in their newly formed attitudes was relatively low, two weeks later their confidence had returned to baseline levels.  What this research shows is that we can be persuaded to believe false information that is inserted into a fictional story.  Also, over time, we forget where we learned this information and our confidence in its truth increases…” -https://blog.oup.com/2009/10/fantasy_reality/

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