Underappreciated Movies You Already Missed In 2017

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If you’re a fan of big movies, you’ve probably got a neatly-organized laundry list of films to catch this year. From Star Wars: The Last Jedi to Wonder Woman, all the big flicks you won’t want to miss are committed to your memory. But with all that focus on blockbusters, a ton of amazing picks may have slipped under your radar. Here are some of the underappreciated movie gems from 2017 that you just need to add to your list and watch as soon as possible…

The Girl with All the Gifts | 0:26
The Red Turtle | 1:35
The Autopsy of Jane Doe | 2:33
Justice League Dark | 3:18
The Lure | 4:09
XX | 5:08
A Monster Calls | 5:53
To the Bone | 6:35
Lovesong | 7:16
20th Century Women | 7:49
A United Kingdom | 8:38
Kedi | 9:25

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