Top 10 Annoying Things That Should Be BANNED

There are a lot of laws that should be made, laws that should be changed or things that should be against the law. Whether it’s taking a full cart to the express checkout line at the grocery store, reclining your airplane seat without asking, or chewing gum loudly, these are just a few annoying behaviors that should be illegal. WatchMojo counts down ten things that should be banned in society.

00:34 #10: Reclining Airplane Seats Without Asking
01:22 #9: Taking Up Extra Seats on the Subway
02:21 #8: Babies in Movie Theaters (& Other Public Spaces)
03:11 #7: Gum Chewing
04:04 #6: Frivolous Lawsuits
04:51 #5: Taking a Full Cart to the Express Checkout Lane
05:38 #4: Playing Your Music Without Headphones
06:19 #3, #2 & #1???