The Untold Truth Of Zootopia

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The animated hit Zootopia won a boatload of awards and critical acclaim, and for good reason — the movie was pretty much fantastic from start to finish. But that doesn’t mean it was an easy path to success. From creative shake-ups late in the game, to a few… interesting moves during the marketing campaign, here’s the untold truth of Disney’s Zootopia…

Darker early draft | 0:27
​Kristen Bell’s slow cameo | 1:02
Shifting protagonists | 1:43
Global newscasters | 2:21
Shakira’s curvy demands | 2:56
​Nick’s middle name | 3:32
Car talk | 4:16
A sense of scale | 4:49
Disney Easter Eggs | 5:22
The backlash | 5:55
A furry frenzy | 6:39

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