The Untold Truth Of The Lego Movie

With the Dark Knight taking center stage in The Lego Batman Movie in 2017, now’s the perfect time to look back at Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s kid-friendly masterpiece that started it all. 2014’s The Lego Movie starred a boatload of random characters from pretty much every major pop culture property, but it almost featured a few more. Oh, and did you know it almost didn’t happen at all? Here’s the untold truth of The Lego Movie…

Tough sell | 0:24
It almost starred R2-D2 | 0:55
First Flash | 1:42
Deep cuts | 2:10
Lego kiss | 2:31
The cameos | 3:01
Real Business | 3:38
Slow motion | 4:02
The cool factor | 4:29