The Real Reason Why Hollywood Stopped Casting Mike Myers

Mike Myers made the jump from Saturday Night Live to the big screen with Wayne’s World, became a superstar with Austin Powers, and a household name thanks to Shrek. And then he seemed to pretty much drop off the face of the Earth. But why? Mike Myers’ movies and characters have left a mark on popular culture that few other comedy stars could ever hope to match, and his ability to wring laughs from so many different concepts is legendary. So where’d he go—and when can we expect him to make his eventual comeback? Here’s the real reason why Hollywood stopped casting Mike Myers…

Hobbies | 0:32
Directing | 1:01
Pigeonholed | 1:29
Flops and bombs | 1:54
Bestselling author | 2:31
Choosy | 2:53
Television disappointment | 3:26
Fatherhood | 3:53
What’s next? | 4:35