The Real Reason We Don’t Hear Much About Russell Brand Anymore

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Russell Brand hasn’t exactly disappeared, but it’s been awhile since the lanky, whip-smart British comedian has been given the movie star treatment. His hilarious turn in Forgetting Sarah Marshall made him seem well-positioned to own the silver screen. Starring roles in more movies, a shot at headlining the Arthur franchise reboot, and his own late-night talk show followed, making it seem like Brand’s big personality and great comic talents were in high demand—and would stay that way. But lately, he seems to have disappeared from the multiplex altogether. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons we don’t hear from Russell Brand so much anymore…

Get him to the theaters | 0:33
Hosting debacle | 1:34
Voiceover wins | 2:14
Talk show takedown | 2:43
Sitcom sadness | 3:24
Romantic rows | 4:00
The scrivener | 4:40
Hitting the web | 5:28

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