The Most Terrible Things Mario Has Ever Done

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Mario is a hero, right? Savior of the Mushroom Kingdom, beloved by millions. Who doesn’t crack a smile when they see him? Don’t be fooled. Underneath that red hat and bushy mustache lies an absolute monster. Okay, maybe not an absolute monster. But Mario’s got a few Drybones in his closet when it comes to being kind of a video game creep. In fact, Mario’s penchant for cruelty has been right in front of our faces for decades, and it’s time we called it out, for all to see. Super Mario Odyssey, Mario’s next big opportunity to redeem himself, will be out in winter 2017. Let’s review why Mario has been a menace for over 35 years…

Animal cruelty | 0:39
Cruel and unusual punishment | 1:24
Brick buster | 2:01
Mario the Lothario | 2:54
Brotherly shove | 3:38
Dino-slaughter | 4:30

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