The Ending Of Logan Explained

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It’s not often that an actor gets to say goodbye to a character on his own terms, especially when it comes to big-budget superhero action-fests. More often than not, an actor’s movie flops, or he decides not to come back for the sequel, or merciless producers kill characters off to make room for more exciting heroes. But in the case of Wolverine, Hugh Jackman got the chance to go out with a bang in 2017’s Logan. And while the ending was pretty straightforward in a lot of ways, there are definitely some lingering questions both within the story and in the real world that are worth discussing. Pop your claws, light a cigar, and watch out for spoilers while we test out some theories to try to explain the ending of Logan…

What was across the border? | 0:41
Alpha Flight | 1:28
Generation X? | 3:08
The eulogy | 4:03
X Marks the spot | 4:51
Resurrection? | 5:42

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