The Cast Of Forrest Gump Has Changed A Lot Since 1994

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Forrest Gump was the biggest film of 1994, winning six Oscars and forever establishing a box of chocolates as one of the most mysterious objects in the known universe … But what happened to the cast who made Gump such a smash?

Tom Hanks as Forrest | 0:16
Robin Wright as Jenny | 0:59
Michael Conner Humphreys as Young Forrest | 1:51
Hanna Hall as Young Jenny | 2:21
Sally Field as Momma Gump | 2:56
Mykelti Williamson as Bubba | 3:39
Gary Sinise as Lieutenant Dan | 4:24
Sam Anderson as The Principal | 4:51
Haley Joel Osment as Forrest, Jr. | 5:20

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