Superheroes Lost on this 2017

Death is just a simple passing inconvenience for superheroes. If it got to happen that your favorite character dies a horrible yet heroic death, well, it might sting for a bit, but don’t worry — they’ll be back sooner or later. With that in mind, here’s a spoiler-filled look at some of the superheroes we lost so far in 2017. Rest in peace… for now…

Let’s talk a close look at all those lost superheroes for this 2017

Logan: A Marvel Comics superhero from the movie X-men. This superhero also known as Logan and at times as Weapon x. It is a mutant that means it gives him characteristics as an animal with incredible senses, he also has powerful regenerative abilities known as the healing factor but the best he has are three retractable bone claws in each hand. Source:


Professor Charles Xavier: Also known as Professor X another superhero published by Marvel Comics. This individual is also a mutant He is a powerful telepath reading and controlling others over his great mind. He has his own school which has the mission to teach all mutants from all over the world. Xavier not only runs a school he also fights for a greater intelligence to keep equality and coexistence. Source:

Professor Charles Xavier

Jack Flag: A minor patriotic hero has been a member of Guardians of the Galaxy and has appeared on Captain America. Jack Flag has a series of appearances in which we can remember that during the movie of Civil War he defends a lady of a group of gangster. In Guardians of the Galaxy Jack Flag, he is leading the prisoners of the Negative Zone into te army of Blaastar. Source:

Jack Flag

Logan | 0:20
Professor Charles Xavier | 1:04
Jack Flag | 1:40
Hack | 2:23
Patriot | 3:02
Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier | 3:48