Stoned Fights: Who Should Direct the Batman? (w/ Doug Benson, Greg Proops and Horatio Sanz)

If you haven’t figured it out – Today’s installment is a special JOINT EDITION! As asked for by the fans – Dan & Andy are each teamed up with a celebrity contestant – who arrived stoned out of their mind! Featuring Doug Benson, Horatio Sanz and Greg Proops!

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Pick your FIGHT below! ▼▼
0:08:17 ROUND 1 Now that Ben Affleck has dropped out, who should direct The Batman?
0:18:51 ROUND 2 What film from the last 5 years will inspire the most irritating nostalgia in 20 years?
0:28:49 ROUND 3 Which 2 celebrities would you wanna see become gigantic and fight in a city, King Kong vs. Godzilla style?
0:39:26 ROUND 4 Who is the greatest living actor?
0:49:37 ROUND 5 Blind pitch

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