Roman Atwood Before All The Fame

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After MTV’s Jackass became a rowdy cultural phenomenon, thousands of young men who were inspired by their pranks tried to do the same thing. The dust has since cleared, and Roman Atwood has emerged as the most successful Jackass disciple. The Columbus, Ohio resident owns two mega-popular YouTube channels through which he’s performed pranks all over the world and work with legends like Steve-O and The Dudesons. He’s also taken his viral videos to the big screen, producing a full-length movie called Natural Born Pranksters. But if you think Roman Atwood is just an overnight success who gets paid to goof around on camera all day, you couldn’t be more wrong. Let’s find out about Roman Atwood before all the fame…

It all begins | 0:39
Rough times | 1:33
The realization that changed everything | 2:49
Viral superstardom | 3:44

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