Movies You Should Never Watch Alone

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As every beer commercial ever has pointed out, friends make life better. And that’s even truer when you want to watch certain movies, because you need someone to scream with, someone to grab during the scary parts, and someone to call at all hours when nightmares wake you up in a cold sweat. So find a friend and gather your loved ones close, because here’s a look at some movies you should never watch alone…

The Ring | 0:22
The Descent | 0:58
The Woman in Black | 1:32
The Babadook | 2:17
Don’t Breathe | 3:04
Poltergeist | 3:32
It Follows | 4:05
Antichrist | 4:40
Deliverance | 5:10
The Human Centipede | 5:41
Lake Mungo | 6:23
Hard Candy | 6:52
Unfriended | 7:34
Green Room | 8:05
Mama | 9:00
Ex Machina | 9:38

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