Meet The Subscribe Economy /Kevin Kelly

On our days the subscribe and use services are more and more popular. This type of goods are not owned by the person who uses them, but with a simple subscription, you can access to it.  These intangibles are becoming the drivers of our actual economy, the interesting thing about it is that we can access to them at any time and anywhere. Specialist Kevin Kelly says when you ask for a car you have access to it you use it but have no obligations in cleaning, repairing and taking care of it but you have the benefit of using it anytime you, please. People no longer own these goods, and that makes it new just like UBER and its taxi cab service, Spotify, and iTunes on Apple. This new system frees you from owning these goods, this relationship of owning includes several points sometimes not at all beneficial and we probably do not want to have.

Kevin Keller suggests that in a close future people will own very little things but will have many subscriptions to a variety of products. Even clothes will be acquired this way, not so common today but will be in some years. Keller suggests ideas as camping items we want to try the latest technology but are not going to buy just for one-time use.

Walking around my university I had the opportunity to meet some people and ask what did hey think about buying things they would only use once? Their answers were different each one had a point about it.

Maria B. said: “If I had the enough money to buy the thing I want I would buy it, but at the same time the thought that this would only be used once made me feel uncomfortable of spending that much money. In the last case, I would rather acquire the product in the quality I need but for a lower price and not have the job to store it home. Storing home includes taking care of the moths not eating up my dress if the case was about a dress”

Meanwhile, Kathia said: “I would enjoy having more services like the ones suggested in the video, that would make my little house more comfortable and have more space instead of storing so many stuff”

Samantha said: ” I don´t mind buying things only to use once, I love using my new clothes and everything I work to give myself things I like and need. So I would not really like this system and from experience, I can say that things are always useful maybe not today but with time some things come up handy.

In conclusion, our society is migrating to an own less but have access to all the services they want, but negative impacts are there too. People are socializing less with others and more with their phones to access to a whole world of services. Samantha says “When I use Uber, I don´t even have to talk to the taxi driver if I do not want to. Even though I love this service it is fast efficient and I go where I need to”.