LOGAN – All Wolverine Easter Eggs, References & X-Men Timeline

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All the Logan Easter Eggs, References, Things Missed, plus a timeline explanation and a bunch of other stuff relating to the X-Men and Wolverine, Old Man Logan and a whole lot more. Thanks for watching!

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List Of Logan Easter Eggs:
Adamantium Poisoning
Healing Serum
X-24 Origin
Beserker Rage
Evil Robot Wolverine Albert
The Reavers
Donald Pierce
Transigen Project
X-Men Comic
Dark Pheonix
X-Men #132
WER 112 X-Men #112
Classic Yellow Wolverine Costume
Old Man Logan Mark Millar
Wolverine Kills The X-Men
Professor X Kills The X-Men
Wolverine Cage Fighting
Adamantium Bullet
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
X-Men Trilogy
Professor X Bald
Wolverine Clone
Xander Rice
Dale Rice
Ice Man
Pyro & Sunspot
Christopher Bradley
Joey Bailey
Gene Grey
Greenwood Cemetery
Alkali Transigen & Alkali Lake
The Wrestle, Unforgiven & Shane
X-Men Logan Timeline
The Wolverine
X-Men 2000
X2 X-Men United
X-Men The Last Stand
X-Men First Class
X-Men Days Of Future Past
X-Men Apocalypse