Lion King Remake Must Haves? – MOVIE FIGHTS!!

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Trisha Hershberger (Host/Writer/Producer), Steve Zaragoza (Actor/Writer) and Lon Harris (Writer/Researcher) debate the following topics with judge Andy Signore (ScreenJunkies) and fact checker Dan Murrell (ScreenJunkies) for the week of 9/26/2016:

Pick your FIGHT below! ▼▼
0:04:20 ROUND 1 – What is the worst Tim Burton movie?
0:20:12 ROUND 2 – What two co-stars from a classic film would you like to see reunite for another movie?
0:35:42 ROUND 3 – What is the one thing the new Lion King movie must have and one thing it must avoid?
0:55:57 ROUND 4 – What flop deserves a second chance sequel?
1:09:44 ROUND 5 – @BBusterBill “what’s a film that you regret paying money to see?”

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