Jim Norton: Mouthful of Shame | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Some fo the good reviews say:

“I already like Jim Norton so I’m slightly biased. What is going on with Ricky Gervais’s noise was my first observation? No spoilers, the end part of the intro was epic funny. It passed the 7-minute test, witch is kind of the deal breaker for my Nintendo generation attention span, if it’s not funny within the first 7 minutes I’m on to something else, Jim’s stand-up give me some nice big laughs throughout, good show Jim, keep it up… and also loving the radio show/podcast/YouTube thing.” and some of the not so great:

“Sorry, I’ve been a stand-up comedy addict since the Catch a Rising Stars days. The last thing comics go to when desperate for laughs is sex. Always a crowed pleaser. Unfortunately, you go there over-and-over again. Wish you the best of luck. I realize how hard stand-up comedy is and respect you for your work. I think you can do better.”

This is some great material from Jim Norton: