Inside Jokes Only Real Gamers Will Understand

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Most video games take themselves pretty seriously. Sure, sometimes a game like Octodad or Sam & Max slips through the cracks, but by and large, most games these days seem to be a grim litany of post-apocalyptic despair. Which is why inside jokes are so important, as they often provide a bit of much-needed levity. The only problem with inside jokes? Learning how to recognize them. Here’s a look at some inside jokes only real gamers will understand — and your guide to finally catching the gags you missed the first time around…

Zombie Genocider | 0:29
Whimsyshire | 1:16
Dan Hibiki | 1:52
Daddy’s back! | 2:40
The Dopefish | 3:24
Gilgamesh | 3:58
Saints Row 4’s voice options | 4:29
The Cucco Revenge Squad | 5:18

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