Incredible Glass Artists

Glass art was developed widely in Egypt and Assyria, it is said that it was created by the Phoenicians and the perfected by the Romans. During the Middle Ages, glass art was implemented in the construction of cathedrals which took this art to a higher level and development. Some glass techniques became famous like the Murano glass in the Venitian lagoon, this precious type of glass are a product of refinement through many generations of skilled artisans and later engineers.

History says the first pieces made of glass were small beads and others for decoration and still today they are the most common uses of glass. Glass has been applied to a variety of buildings, clothes, jewelry, and an infinity of things to make them prettier and colorful. Glass just looks magnificent, that is why we present to you the list of some incredible glass artist we considered sharing with you. Source:

With a career that encompasses more than 40 years, Dan Dailey has accumulated numerous awards and has his works featured in museums all over the world from Australia to France. His glass works of art are known for including an element of metal to them. Dailey is married to his wife Linda Macneil who is also a glass and metal artist.

Ginny Ruffner
Ruffner is based out of Seattle, Washington where she creates magnificent works of “torchworked” glass, despite being in a terrible car crash that her doctors feared she might never walk or speak again. Though she suffers from some speech and walking issues, Ginny Ruffner has gone on to have her work permanently installed in 42 museums around the world.

Howard Ben Tré
Tré has been dubbed as a “pioneer” in the field of glass art by “Glass” magazine thanks to his unique technique that he has created for casting hot glass. The process requires several months as that’s how long it takes to cool the molten glass once it’s been placed into a sand mold. Some of his work can be seen at the Corning Museum of Glass and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

William Morris
Sometimes life has a funny way of leading you down the right path, even if it’s not the one you expected. Morris wasn’t always a master glass artist. Instead, he was a truck driver for the Pilchuck Glass School who would go on to become a student and later an instructor there. He’s able to remarkably transform glass to mimic the appearance of bone, wood, fiber, and other materials,

Lino Tagliapietra
Tagliapietra is revered by his peers and students as he is responsible for creating several methods and procedures that are now commonly used in the production of glass art. He began studying as an apprentice at the age of 12 and became a master at his craft when he was just 25-years-old. His work can be viewed all over the world.

Luke Jerram
Though he suffers from being color-blind, Luke Jerram doesn’t let that stop him from creating marvelous pieces of glass art. During the course of his still continuous 20-year-career, Jerram has acquired numerous amounts of accolades under his belt. What you see in the following image is a glass sculpture of the swine flu virus from his collection titled “Glass Microbiology.”

Jack Storms
Storms is incredibly well-known for the method he has developed in the process of creating his unique and signature works of art. It’s described as being a “cold-glass” process that requires a heavy amount of time to complete, 24 hours to be exact. While owning his own studio, Storms has impressively had his work featured in the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Dale Chihuly
This is perhaps, if not, the most famous glass artist that is currently alive. Chihuly has managed to create wondrous works of art by melting and fusing glass, even after several accidents left him blind in his left eye. These days he’s more of a creative director for his team but his work has been featured in several places all over such as Las Vegas and New York City.