How to Take Notes Fast?

Taking notes does not only summarize what you want to remember, it also helps you understand it, adding specific associations between key concepts at a cognitive and neurophysiological level. By “neurophysiological level” we means that neurons physically connect in specific ways. This is a great video and some important quotes I found about taking notes.

“Lectures are a passive form of learning, in which you are talked at rather than actively participating in the academic discussion. Taking good notes from your lectures is essential for getting something out of this method of teaching. You can also get added value from classes by noting down the points raised in group academic discussions; with many points of view being expressed, not all of which you will have thought of yourself, you’ll be armed with plenty of arguments for use in essays.

What’s more, you may think that you’ll remember what was said in a lecture, or what you read in a book, but unless your memory is truly exceptional, you almost certainly won’t remember it in enough detail to write an essay or answer an exam question. Here’s a quick summary of the main ways in which note-taking will benefit you:

– Notes are there to jog your memory of what was said in a lecture or class.
– Taking notes also helps you engage more with what’s being said because you have to focus your attention in order to select the most important points.
– By being actively engaged in this way, you’re more likely to absorb relevant information, get a deeper understanding of the topic, and you’ll find it easier to remember what you’ve learned.
– Your notes will come in handy later on, when you may need them for writing essays or revising for exams.
– Taking notes also stops your mind from wandering.”

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