When you feel the urge, distract yourself. Ignore it. Don’t have cigarettes near you, anywhere, anytime. Stay away from your 5 min-break-smoke buddies for a couple of days (favorably at least 10). Even just smoking passively gets in the way of your newly found ambition to improve your health.

If honesty is an option, tell them you quit smoking, even if it was just that day & they ask “Since when?” I understand that some of you might not be ready for that confrontation, especially when you may doubt your own success. Just say “I can’t, sorry, but I’m incredibly busy this week.” & keep staying away from the smoke you breathe in passively (huge cue/trigger!).

Remember how we covered that one should speak through their actions and not talk about achievements one hasn’t-reached yet? It’s disarming people, people who might act as if they care for you when they do not. You prevent them from sabotaging you. Think about it. They smoke, even though they know it’s bad for them & now you want to stop doing it yourself. Why would you expect support from them (unless they’re genuinely good people)?

The best way, of course, still is to just tell the world that you quit smoking and that that’s that. When you actually mean it, that mindset alone might be enough for you to quit a bad habit for good.

Get hooked on a good habit like moving your body, in whatever way, shape or form. Drink lots of water daily. The benefits are endless and even if this may sound like commonsense to you, there are lots of people who only drink sugary beverages, who don’t exercise and only consume destructive shit.

Before anyone says “it’s not easy” again. It fucking is if you believe it is. Don’t underestimate the power of the mind. It’s not only doable, it’s a walk in the park with the right attitude. Thinking “it’s not easy” is already a sign of failure.

Ever notice how many freshly baked fathers & mothers *quit* smoking in a heartbeat after years of trying? They thought about their children. They thought “I’m doing this for my sweetheart(s)!” “I’m going to be a role model to these kids!” We love the people close to us more than we love ourselves. Commit to quitting a bad habit not only for yourself but especially for your loved ones.


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