How to GET 1 MILLION YouTube Subscribers?

“Attractiveness is a key component for a lot of YouTubers, and you’ll automatically have a head start if you’re relatively attractive.

This is particularly true of most male vloggers due to their viewing demographic. Young male and female vloggers generally draw a young, female audience, and you can see why looks play a role.

As vapid as this is, do you really think popular British vloggers Dan and Phil or Joey Graceffa would be as successful if they were unattractive?

For them, how they look to their female audience is extremely important, but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed if you’re less attractive. It just means that good-looking creators have a leg-up on the competition.

High Production Value

If you can’t beat them with your looks, then your content needs to blow people away.

YouTube is trying to compete with traditional media, so the more it looks like TV, the more others will draw towards it (YouTube Red, YouTube TV).

This means that content with better production value, better characters, and the better story will entice traditional audiences. There’s no guarantee that it’ll attract viewers, but you’ll increase your odds of getting noticed.

For many YouTubers, value comes with time as most can’t afford to produce top-notch content when starting out. One of the today’s high-quality content channels, Smosh, started out like many YouTubers with cheap-looking videos, however, their writing made it intriguing.

So if you can’t make your content look good, then at least make the ideas interesting.

The Millennial Generation

I’ve noticed a trend that the younger a YouTuber is, the more likely they’ll obtain greater views and subscribers.

This is tied to good looks but more or less reflects on youth culture. YouTube is geared towards younger demographics, which is why YouTubers need to be aware of daily digital and social media trends.

The older you are, the less likely you’ll be caught up on these trends, and it’ll show when your numbers fail to increase.

On YouTube, there is an audience for everyone, but if you really want to aim high, then your age can and will make the difference if you’re a YouTuber.

Anyone above age 35 may struggle to connect with their audience.”

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