How To Earn Awesome Grades (Studying Less)?

We all want good grades but you have to work hard in order to earn them. A few tips so you can achieve those dreamed awesome grades.

  1. Attend every class: If you want good grades in college, you must attend every class, not almost every class. The importance of regular class attendance cannot be overemphasized. When you miss classes, you miss lectures, notes, discussions, explanations, and assignments.
  2. Be organized
  • Use a student planner: take this to each class and record all assignments. Also use your planner to keep track of tests and quizzes, activities and appointments.

  • Break down assignments: large assignments are more manageable if you break them down into smaller parts. Completing these smaller portions over a longer period of time will allow you more time to focus.

  • Use three-ring binders for class notes: this type of note book works well because handouts can easily be inserted and if you end up missing a class you can also insert a copy of someone else’s notes where they belong.

  • Organize and save computer work: make sure that all your work on the computer is saved and saved often, and that you have back up files.

  • Keep returned papers, quizzes, and tests: Have different colored folders for each class to keep all returned materials. Old tests can be helpful study guides in the future.

  • Maintain a neat and organized study area: Set up an area or desk with everything you will need and keep this area clean.

    3.  Manage your time well: with good time management, you have more free time, less stress and a feeling that you are in control.

  • Don’t overextend yourself

  • Be organized: see number 2 above!

  • Schedule 90-minute study sessions: set a specific time to get your studying done and make sure you will not be interrupted. During these study sessions, don’t do anything else but study!

    4. Be Successful in Class: you will enjoy college more and you will get higher grades if you can follow these tips!

    • Do every class assignment: think of homework not as something you should do, but as something you must do. Complete homework on a regular basis so that you don’t fall behind.

    • Sit in the front row when possible: research shows that sitting in the front row is directly related to getting higher grades.”

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