Heroes And Villains That Have Destroyed Batman

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Batman is often treated like a god among mortal superheroes by dedicated comic fans. After all, he’s basically a genius ninja detective billionaire with enough money to build weapons designed to beat the most powerful heroes and villains in the DC Universe. Still, comics writers like to remind readers that Batman is totally capable of having his bat-butt kicked up and down the streets of Gotham. Even though he always bounces back, let’s take a look at some of the heroes and villains that have destroyed Batman…

Bane | 0:29
Superman | 1:24
Wonder Woman | 2:21
Prometheus | 2:54
Deacon Blackfire | 3:45
Swamp Thing | 4:30
Deathstroke | 5:23
Lady Shiva | 6:02
Joker | 6:41
Darkseid | 7:16

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