Here’s Who Should Play Young Princess Leia

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The Star Wars films are starting to dig a little deeper into the backstories of its most popular characters, starting with a Han Solo prequel that features Alden Ehrenreich in the role originally played by Harrison Ford. If that film is successful enough, it’ll likely increase interest in peeks at some of the other characters’ pasts — and who has a more interesting history than Princess Leia Organa? Sure, we got to see how her parents got together during the Star Wars prequel trilogy, but there are a lot of dots still to connect. Like, who taught her the secret Jedi art of space-insults?

The late, great Carrie Fisher unquestionably made the role her own, and left some big boots to fill with her untimely passing in December 2016. Re-casting Leia would be about more than just tracking down a doppelgänger for Fisher. The actress would have to have some wit, sass, and class to offer, too. Here are a few young actresses who might just be equipped to pick up the old blaster and bring Leia back to life…

Millie Bobby Brown | 0:58
Rowan Blanchard | 1:46
Mackenzie Foy | 2:23
Kiernan Shipka | 2:56
Sophia Lillis | 3:41
Billie Lourd | 4:22

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