Good Time Movie, 2017

A great modern fable about youth and crime. Constantine “Connie” Nikas and his mentally handicapped younger brother, Nick, attempt to rob a New York bank for $65,000. They appear to be successful before they realize that a dye-pack has been slipped in with the cash in their getaway car, filling the car up with red dust, causing their driver to crash. Connie and Nick flee on foot. While attempting to walk home they are stopped by two police officers. In spite of Connie’s request to stay calm, Nick panics and runs, causing the cops to pursue them. Connie manages to evade arrest but Nick, disoriented, run through a plate glass window and is incapacitated and eventually getting arrested.

  • 90% Rotten Tomatoes
  • 87% Metacritic
  • 7.9/10 IMDb
  • Ignore the deceptively convivial title: This is the kind of thrill that sticks, Emily Yoshida
  • Good Time’s inspired style, coupled with Pattinson’s compelling performance, are enough to carry the film past its narrative shortcomings, Sandy Schaefer
  • Merges the Safdies’ signature gutter realism with tight genre mechanics to discomfiting but exhilarating effect, Guy Lodge
  • Directing brothers Ben Safdie and Joshua Safdie have created an ode to intense 1970s New York crime cinema, but with their own vivid, confined close-up take, bathed in artificial, carnival colors. -Jeffrey M. Anderson
  • A poorly planned, haphazardly executed bank robbery sets the stage for the action in “Good Time.”, A. O. Scott
  • Containing as much forward motion as any film in recent memory, “Good Time” is as heartbreaking as it is exhilarating, John Anderson
  • Pattinson’s stumblebum character in “Good Time,” feels reverse-engineered to allow the former teen screen idol the attention he deserves for serious-acting chops, Ann Hornaday.

A terrified and confused Nick is placed in a Riker’s Island holding cell, while Connie attempts to secure a bail bond using the stolen cash. He is told he needs $10,000 more to get Nick out of jail. After attempting to get his girlfriend to pay off the balance with her elderly mother’s credit cards and failing, Connie finds out through the bondsman the his brother has been placed in a hospital after an altercation with a fellow inmate.

Connie attempts to break his brother out of the hospital and hideout in a stranger’s house in Queens. All seems according to plan when he realizes the man he broke out of the hospital is not in fact his brother, but a beat-up and disfigured man named Ray who has just been released on parole.

Connie, Ray, and Crystal (the stranger’s 16 year old granddaughter) drive to an abandoned amusement park where Ray claims he left a bottle full of acid (LSD) worth several thousand dollars shortly before he ended up in the hospital. While searching for the bottle, the two are accosted by an overnight security guard who Connie beats unconscious. Ray pours a good deal of the acid down the guard’s throat so he will lose his memory.

The police arrive, Ray hides and Connie steals the security guard’s uniform and manages to successfully fool the police into believing real security guard was the intruder. The guard wakes up and begins to freak out due to the hallucinogens and is taken into custody. Connie destroys the hard drive containing the security footage of the park before leaving with Ray. Crystal is arrested in the process as well while waiting for Connie and Ray outside the park

Ray and Connie then manage to get into the security guard’s high-rise apartment in Brooklyn and wait there until morning. Ray calls one of his criminal friends to buy back the acid from them so they can get the rest of the money to bail out Nick. Ray’s friend shows up and a desperate Connie demands $15,000 for the drugs. Ray tells his friend he will handle it and attempts to flee with the drugs. Connie fights him in the hallway and steals the bottle. Ray runs to the apartment balcony only to watch Connie get chased down and arrested by the police, destroying the drugs in the process.

Connie is placed in the back of a squad car while Ray falls to his death off the balcony attempting to escape from capture.

Later, Nick is out of jail (Connie having taken the fall for the robbery) and back in therapy. The therapists have him join a group of other mentally handicapped patients in a team building exercise. A withdrawn Nick, slowly begins to engage with the group and play along as the credits roll

From directors Josh and Benny Safdie and starring Robert Pattinson. GOOD TIME – Now Playing.

RELEASE DATE: August 11, 2017
DIRECTOR: Ben Safdie, Joshua Safdie
CAST: Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Barkhad Abdi
ORIGINAL SCORE: Oneohtrix Point Never
MUSIC: “Hospital Escape” by Oneohtrix Point Never, “The Pure And The Damned” by Oneohtrix Point Never ft. Iggy Pop.

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