Well, I guess if you have to see an animated children’s movie, this is the one to see in 2017. That’s the impression I get from this review anyway; there are nice and smart comedic scenes, but charming and gratifying. “Based on 1936 children’s book The Story of “Ferdinand”, this charming tale about a lover-not-a-fighter bull is surprisingly relevant for a vintage property“, says Joyce Slaton, from Common Sense Media. “Inoffensive fun, but unlike its paperback forbear, the cinematic Ferdinand is unlikely to stand the test of time. said James Dyer from Empire. In what’s been an underwhelming year for big-studio animation, it’s the best of the bunch: sincere, likable, surprisingly funny, and overall true to its source material.” Peter Debruge form Variety. While the portrayal of Spain is good in terms of landscape, the general character personalities are American, keeping audiences from a true cultural immersion.

Finally the most appropriate for young children in the release weekend for “The Last Jedi”, one of the most popular and acclaimed movies since the much-criticized episodes I, II and III.

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