Documents That Will Never Be Released To The Public

“..In 2017 the world will finally know the truth about the assassination of John F Kennedy, with documents related to his death set to be released in full more than half a century after his tragic demise. But are there any secret files which will never be released by the Government? When American citizens take up arms against their own country it can be difficult the government to know how to deal with it. At its height in 1922 the British Empire ruled over a quarter of the world’s population, with Canada, Australia, India, South Africa and many more countries falling under its rule. The Illuminati is accused of being many things; a conspiracy to establish a new world order, a secret reptilian race hell-bent on destroying humanity, a bunch of artsy folks who like putting symbols in Beyonce videos. In 1976 the US Government agreed to conduct an investigation into the secret CIA project known as MK ULTRA…”