At a surprising 66% Rotten Tomatoes score and thus an understandable 97% “I want to see it” score, and its ultra dramatic crash scene now a trending virally on the internet Cars 3 is almost as good as the first one (Rotten tomato score “77%” on Cars 1). Here are a few behind-the-scenes, trailers, and sneak preview scenes from the 2017 movie, Cars 3.

Cars offers visual treats that more than compensate for its somewhat thinly written story, adding up to a satisfying diversion for younger viewers.” -RottenTomatoes when talking about Cars… the first. Let’s see what they say when their official cars 2 review comes out.

The Film Cars Three is directed by Brian Fee and with a great voice cast, including Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen’s voice, Cristela Alonzo as the voice of Cruz Ramirez Chris Cooper, as our dear old Smokey’s voice and Nathan Fillion as Sterling’s voice.

Owen Wilson, Lightning McQueen, Cristela Alonzo, Cruz Ramirez, Chris Cooper, Smokey, Nathan Fillion, Sterling

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