Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Once every ten years a movie comes along that changes the game, in this case, this looks like what would happen if “Money Ball” and “Cartoon Network” made a baby together. Its every trick in the data driven cartoon world smashed together in a one and only kind of brain fart that just works in the most primitive unconscious and embarrassing way. Its the kind of thing that’s so bad its good, not unlike “Something About Mary” or “Porky’s”. Add a social media genius level marketing strategy and You’ll see how 110 minutes of animation might just be the cult film that defines an entire generation of prepubescent post millennial brats. And that on itself might make Steve Jobs nod in approval from that big beautiful design studio in the sky. You got to admit it, it’s a fresh idea in the age of DC/MARVEL movie sequels 9-7 and so many other ever more similar movies about Comic Heroes.

The movie consists of two adventure seeking brats that harbor a heart of gold, but in their toil and spoil, they manage to hypnotize their school principal and evoke the quintessential slapstick pre-teen humor as “Captain Underpants”.

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