Captain America: Civil War – Homemade Side by Side Comparison

Homemade Movies serves up creative remakes of your favorite movies trailers and scenes! Every episode is an exact shot-for-shot remake created at home without any visual effects. It’s homemade movie magic! Let us know in the comments what movie you want to see homemade next!

Watch the full homemade version:

Watch the behind-the-scenes:

See how Dustin made the Captain America costume!

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Michael Hammond @MHammond9
Clint Gage @clintgage
Dustin McLean @DustFilms
Claire Max @MaximumClaire
Ace Gibson @acegibson13
Cameron Kolovos @cbkolovos
Rachel Leyco @rnleyco
Francesca Rivera @fbrivera

Directed by Dustin McLean
Crew: Jon Tomlinson, Rachel Leyco
Sound: Mike Wendland
Executive Producer: Dustin McLean