BODY LANGUAGE MASTERY – Subconscious Signs of Attraction

Guys, pay attention. Girls, you might also learn something and all comments are welcome! Humans have a great way of expressing themselves without knowing it, in a way that is subtle but important and sometimes more honest than our own internal conversations. The subconscious signals of attraction help you know what queues tell them there is an opportunity to approach a girl. There are many signs, and none of them by themselves should be a queue. You should see more than two of these signal to cautiously but confidently approach her.

  • Caressing – This is a way of touching objects while talking.
  • Touching You – Casual nonthreatening movements from a girl that results in touching ( non-sexual) but suggestive.
  • Discreetly Looking at You – If they look at you discreetly, they are interested. If they look at you directly… with a look of disgust, forget it.
  • Eye Contact – It’s always good. If you create eye contact and she looks down, then she is unconsciously attracted to you. If she looks back at you 45 seconds after the initial eye contact, then this is one indicator ( not absolute) that she likes you!
  • Changing her position and body features: This signal of attraction that includes a girl arching back, making her behind more prominent, her lips becoming a little redder, and her pupils dilating (becoming bigger).
  • Walking like a model – Girls unconsciously will walk slower and in a more seductive way when they want to attract the attention of a guy they feel attracted to.
  • Emotional Peeking – Sometimes girls will try to act out and become loud, laugh and move in a way that stands out. Just make sure you are the one causing this and not some other dude.
  • Getting into your personal space – Girls figure out a way to get into your personal space repeatedly. And if feels nice. ( Instead of threatening).
  • Investing Resources – If a girl looks hyperactive, or overly energetic than this might also be an unconscious action that creates attraction. This energy might be body movement or it could also happen with the amount of energy she is investing in things for you, like phone calls, or text messages, etc.
  • Perfect Grooming: If a Girl noticeably changes her appearance to look as attractive as possible, then this is an obvious one.
  • Excuses to spend alone time: If you are about to suggest a more practical way to do something, instead of meeting a girl your like because she suggested it… stop. Think. …not obvious yet? Girls will invent excuses that might seem ridiculous to spend time with the guys they like

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