Epic Movie Shots of People: Photographic Framing from the Best Movies of All Time

What an amazing list of the best movie shots of all times contains is algo, on itself a movie bucket list, especially after getting this fantastic review published by Cinefix on Youtube.

“Continuing a 3 year run of deep dive movie analysis, CineFix’s Movie List finally gets around to calling it’s Best Shots. Before we even started to make this list, we collected close to 1000 of our favorite shots, categorized them, then made the tough choices you see in this video. It’s part 1 of several in a series of our look at all the different types of shots, how they’re used and why.

We start our series of the Best Shots of All Time by looking at size, breaking down some of the best close ups, mediums, wide shots and extremes in film history. But it’s not all about looking pretty, we dive deep into how and why each kind of shot is used.

The Picks:

Close up – The Passion of Joan of Arc
Wide – The Godfather Pt 2
Medium – Raging Bull
Extreme Close up – Psycho
Extreme Wide – Lawrence of Arabia