Art Works Discovered in Random Places


Art has existed since humans appeared on earth and painted primitive drawings of themselves and animals on the walls of the caves where they lived. During time and a lot of work and effort art has evolved through time and we have the many ways of expression of it. Human has worked all types of materials to decorate and demonstrate feelings and artwork. Art has been found everywhere we see and can reach but there are still ancient pieces of art still undiscovered and that represent cultures and say a lot of the culture of these people. In the next list, we will find a series of interesting but rare places where artworks were found. Take a look at it, you just will not believe it.

6. Inside A Statue
The statue of Buddha that you see before you was created some time back in the 13th or 14th century and has been moved around from a number of different temples over time. It was finally resettled to the Wat Traimit temple located in Thailand in 1935. It would be 19-years-later that the temple would make a remarkable discovery. The statue was to be moved in a newly constructed portion of the temple and during its move it dropped due to a rope snapping. This revealed that the statue was coated in a plaster mold and colored. There was an exact copy of the statue underneath, except that this one was made out of pure gold. Scholars say it was to hide its true value and to keep it from being stolen.

5. A Reservoir
No one expects to find anything when they’re doing a repair job but that’s exactly what happened to one local villager who lives near the Hongmen Reservoir in Eastern China. It was during the time that the hydropower gate was undergoing some renovations in mid to late January of 2017 that a local noticed a statue’s head poking out of the water. It was revealed that the head is actually from a statue depicting Buddha thanks to the receding water level. Workers from the plant immediately notified local researchers and archaeologists to come and further explore the surrounding area to see if they could find anything else. The statue dates back all the way some 600 years to the Ming Dynasty.

4. A Thrift Store
It was back in the 90’s that a woman who was a retired truck driver named Teri Horton was at a thrift store and noticed a very peculiar painting. Originally listed at seven dollars, Horton managed to get it down to only 5 bucks and was giving to give to a friend as a present. An art teacher witnessed this and told her that it could possibly the work of an artist named Jackson Pollock. She had the painting authenticated by forensic experts by using a partial fingerprint and proved to be a match, though, some are still skeptical. The painting has been valued at being 50 million US dollars. Horton even had a documentary made about her back in 2009.

3. Behind A Painting
A woman named Laura Stouffer, who just so happened to be a collector and art dealer, was shopping at a thrift store one day when she made the decision to purchase a painting called “Shepherd’s Call” that depicts a dog coming across a lost lamb out in the snow. It was painted between 1850 and 1880 and she snatched it up for a low price. She decided to clean the painting and when she removed the backing she found this poster tucked inside. Turns out, this was an original window card that theaters used to advertise the 1930 film All Quiet On The Western Front. There aren’t much memorabilia from the movie so this poster is worth a lot more than what she bought it for.

2. Inside A Couch
A German student who was living in Berlin at the time got quite the bargain and more than what she originally paid for. See, she bought a pullout couch at one of the local flea markets and got a sweet deal on it, she just didn’t know how sweet. It wasn’t until she returned home later that day that she discovered a small oil painting inside of the couch. It was called “Preparation to Escape to Egypt”, it’s artist and origin remains unknown but it was painted at some point around 1605 and 1620 when it was varied by an auction house. An anonymous bidder ended up purchasing the painting for $27,630 which was definitely way more than what the student paid for the couch.

1. In The Trash
Yup, you heard us correctly folks and there is absolutely no need for you to get your hearing checked. This completely shocking once-in-a-lifetime opportunity happened to one lucky New York gal named Elizabeth Gibson back in 2003. She was walking down the street in Manhattan one day and stumbled upon a painting just sitting amongst some trash so she did the most sensible thing and dug it out to take it home. Gibson spent four years trying to find out whatever she could about it and finally came across a website that said it was featured on Antiques Roadshow. Turns out her trash painting was painted by a Mexican artist named Rufino Tamayo and is called “Tres Personajes” or “three people.” It sold for more than 1 million dollars.