8 amazing facts about the new digital art museum “Google Culture & Arts Institute”

Did you know that Google has its own digital museum for culture and art fans? This incredible digital museum holds and infinite number of art collections, historical images, iconic memorabilia, etc. These are only 8 of hundreds of reasons why you should visit this new digital museum!

1.You can find Artists from all centuries
If you are an art fan, you can find a great number of artists and their most amazing creations on the new online platform.
From Rembrandt to Frida Kahlo, it´s all here!

2. There are Featured Projects made especially for you
You can learn something new every time you visit the “Google Culture & Arts Institute”.
Google partners with different sponsors to showcase art projects that can be interesting to different publics.
For example “We Wear Culture” can be interesting for people immersed in the fashion industry, while projects like “Women in India: Unheard Stories” or “Women in Culture” could be of interest for women and feminists from all over the world.

3. You can experiment with art like in real life and better
Try out experiments at the crossroads of art and technology, created by artists and creative coders with Google Arts & Culture.The selection of artworks are from Google Arts & Culture, shared by museums and archives around the world.
The section offers several functions such as TAG where you can search for artwork using just one word, just like when you browse on the web, you can use the word “Happy” or “Scary” and thousands of artworks related to the word from around history and time on your computer.
You can also explore artworks in 3D with Free Fall without leaving your computer or discover amazing connections between art pieces with Curator Table.

4. You can visit Museums from all over the world without leaving your chair in VR ( Google Cardboard)
The Google Arts & Culture Institute has partnerships with museums and archeological sites all over the world.
You can check out their history and all the artwork and treasures they hide without leaving your computer.

Now you can visit all the exhibits you want!

5. Art Mediums Universe
If you are interested in one art media in particular or want to investigate about oil paint or clay, you can find everything about it here.
From artwork to its main expositors, you can also check out online exhibits and organize your findings historically or even by color.
Here you find a universe of possibilities!

6. Art history in the palm of your hands
You can browse all over the history of art, from Impressionism to Minimalism and check out amazing pieces from each movement with just one click.

7. Discover an historical photographic treasure
If you are passionate about discovering photographs from the past, in here you can find infinite images, exhibits, memorabilia and documentaries from historical events like The Holocaust, The Cold War, The Cuban Revolution and many more.

8. Trump and Hilary Clinton and more iconic figures

You can browse historical images, videos, press scandals and more from any iconic figure that has transcended in time.
In here you can find out more than just what the media says about Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. You can also investigate figures from other cultures and times.

Hilary Clinton 1969

Donald Trump and his former wife Ivana 1989