7 Actors Who Were Actually Happy To Be Killed Off

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Most actors toil away in obscurity for years, waiting for the chance to finally burst into the limelight. Not every big break, however, is as satisfying as it seems at the start. Sometimes a star gets fed up with their role. Then again, sometimes actors just want to see their characters bite the dust in the most epic way possible. What more can an actor hope for but a memorable on-screen death?

Harrison Ford – Star Wars | 0:25
Samuel L. Jackson – Deep Blue Sea | 1:25
Leonard Nimoy – Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan | 2:47
Isaac Hayes – South Park | 3:44
Dean Norris – Breaking Bad | 4:52
Sophie Turner – Game of Thrones | 5:51
Sean Bean – Lord of the Rings | 6:54

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