23 Of The Most Unique Looking Minerals

From iridescent bismuth used in beauty products to stormy black opal, here are 23 Of The Most Unique Looking Minerals. Geology can be cool too!

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9. Bismuth
You may or may not have come across this rainbow element but chances are you probably just don’t know it. It has a few pharmaceutical applications, most notably Pepto-Bismol and can be found in your cosmetics that have an iridescent glow.

8. Fluorite
This mineral comes in a wide array of colors and actually has the same amount of color when it is put under ultraviolet light and gives off a fluorescent glow. That’s probably why this mineral has been named “the most colorful mineral in the world.”

7. Opal
This special one of a kind opal appears as if it’s housing a smaller replica of the ocean inside of it. It could be just a type of reaction that is known to be caused by some type of jaspers.

6. The Empress of Uruguay
This amazingly massive geode mineral can be found on display in Brisbane, Australia. It contains thousands of tiny amethyst crystals and weighs around 2.5 tons. It was discovered in Brazil and Australia paid $75,000 US dollars for it with an additional $25,000 to have it shipped.

5. Chalcedony Nodule
This type of mineral has quite a number of variations ranging from Onyx to Heliotrope. Their appearance is mostly described as having a waxy luster to them and translucent. It’s earliest uses have been dated all they way back to 1800 BC.

4. Black Opal
These wondrous beauties look like they’re brewing up a storm. Black opal is considered by many to be the rarest variation of opal out there and is only found in the few regions of Australia, The United States, Ethiopia, and Mexico.

3. Opal Fossil
Nature is pretty amazing, to be honest but then it goes and does things like this to remind us just how amazing it really is. The fossil has managed to produce opal inside of its cracks and crevices. We aren’t geologists so don’t ask us how.

2. The Fire Opal
Look at this magnificent piece of a mineral! Seriously, it looks like there’s a tiny sunset going down in this thing. This has got to be worth some major cash but honestly, how could you part from something so stunning to look at?
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1. The Contra Luz Opal
This ethereal beauty was discovered back in 2013 when it was unearthed in Opal Butte, Oregon. If you look closely, it almost looks like there’s a mini nebula trapped within. The appearance is thanks to the Jaspar that is located inside of it. It sold for exactly $20,000 and weighed 119.0 karats.