The 18 Most Mysterious Islands on Earth, From strange natural formations, to weird alien locations;

This is a list of the 18 places that are memorable because of how strange they are:

Cat Island
The island of Tashirojima (tash-sheero-jeemah) in Japan has a human population of about 100 people … and the cat population outnumbers them by about 6 to 1. The felines have managed to thrive largely due to the belief that they bring good luck. A belief in Japanese cultures says that cats will bring good fortune if you encounter them. That has led to tourists making a fuss over the critters, ensuring that they’re well fed and cared for. This island even features houses that have catlike shapes, where the animals can relax in style.

Mysterious ‘Eye’-land
This strange location is known as the Eye … and due to its bizarre appearance and remote location, there’s speculation it could be a cover for a massive alien base that sits under the surface. The Eye is said to rotate on its own axis in the middle of a marsh. It was discovered by a film crew shooting a documentary concerning paranormal activities while in the Parana (pah-rah-nah) Delta near Buenos Aires in Argentina. The island is surrounded by a thin water channel measuring around 130 yards in diameter … both the land and water are so precisely rounded that it doesn’t seem possible to be a naturally occurring formation. Argentina has had its fair share of UFO sightings … maybe the mysterious island is somehow involved!

The Island of the Dolls
Almost all the trees here are adorned with dolls hanging from their branches. The strange practice is said to have started when a grieving heard the screams of a woman drowning in a nearby canal. He couldn’t save her, but her voice still haunted him at night. To ward off her spirit, he started hanging dolls from the trees. He was given additional dolls and materials from people who were sympathetic to his plight … and his ritual become something of a legend … and gained a name as an eerie tourist attraction.

Third-Order Island
This island is located in Taal (taaal) Lake on the island of Luzon (lu-ZON) in the Philippines. Volcano Island is found in the center of the lake … that island contains a crater lake called Yellow Lake …. And that body of water has its own small island, known as Volcano Point! It’s an example of a third-order island … Or an island that is within a lake, that is an island within a lake … which is located on an island located in the Pacific Ocean!

Socotra (sa-ka-tra) Island — It’s a remote island of Yemen that separated from mainland Africa some six million years ago. The ancient, bizarre dragon’s blood tree and uniquely shaped bulbous bottle tree make the area look like the setting for a sci-fi film … or maybe an adventure in Middle Earth. The island’s wide-ranging biodiversity results in trees and plants growing here that are not found anywhere else on earth.

Easter Island — Rapa Nui is a remote volcanic island in Polynesia … but it’s better known as Easter Island. And it’s best known for those famous stone heads. There are 887 of the huge stone figures that are thought to have been carved during the 12th to 17th centuries. Known as Moai (moey), they stand around 13 feet on average, weigh 13 tons, and are carved out of porous volcanic ash … then placed atop ceremonial stone platforms. The enormous monuments are scattered in diverse locations across the island. And did you know, the famous heads are actually connected to bodies underground … you just don’t see them in the majority of photographs. To date, no one knows how those statues were moved … or what their exact purpose may have been.

North Sentinel Island
Located southeast of the Bay of Bengal in the Andaman (AN-duh-mun) Sea, this is one of those most remote places on the planet. But it is inhabited by a tribe known as the Sentinelese (sen-TEN-uh-leez) … and some experts say they’ve called the place home for going on 60,000 years! Not much is known about them or their culture … except that they don’t like visitors. Attempts at contact have been greeted with arrows and spears directed at the intruders … in some instances, even killing the strangers on sight. There’s a lot of mystery still surrounding this island … and it’ll likely stay that that way for some time to come.