17 Weird Scary Insects

From creepy crawling bugs; to the massive Hercules beetle; These are 17 weird and terrifying insects

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Wheel Bug


Africanized Honey Bee

Assassin Bug

Tse Tse Fly

House Centipede

Dementor Wasp
The species of cockroach wasp was first documented in 2014 … and is so scary, that scientists actually named it after the demons in the Harry Potter books! It’s native to Thailand and measures up to 10.9 mm long. The insect is called a ‘cockroach wasp’ because of its unusual behavior toward cockroaches. When it stings its prey, a toxin is released that leaves the cockroach alive, but unable to control its movement. That allows the wasp to more easily capture the roach and direct it to its nest … where it will be used for the wasp’s larvae to feed off of!.

Scorpion Fly — Maybe a case where the insect looks scarier than it really is … But it’s definitely a scary look. Thankfully, Scorpion flies only threaten insects that are dead or dying scooping them up with powerful jaws. The Scorpionfly gets its name from the appendage that resembles a scorpion’s stinger. But in some species, this is actually the enlarged genitals of the male. Chances are, you’ll either find that scary … or amusing.

Asian Giant Hornet
Here’s a creature that would be difficult to miss … and chances are, you would want to miss an encounter. The big insect is around the size of your thumb. With a wingspan of around 3 inches, it’s the world’s largest hornet. It also has a fearsome stinger that can release a flesh-eating venom, that can induce cardiac arrest. That sounds bad enough (and it is) … but the venom contains a pheromone that alerts others of its ilk that you’re a target. Because they’re known to fly at speeds up to 25 mph, they’re difficult to outrun.

Bullet Ant
They’re kind of small to be considered one of the biggest threats in the Amazon rainforest … But they one of the world’s largest ant species, going about an inch long. They get their name due to the severity of their bite … Some victims have claimed it’s as painful as being shot with a bullet! The ant’s venom not only produces a painful sting … it also results in overwhelming pain that causes swelling, weakness and lethargy. This critter is also called the 24-hour Ant … that’s about how long the misery lasts.

Jewel Wasp
This critter belongs to the family of cockroach wasps, not unlike the previously mentioned Dementor Wasp … you’ll recall they like to prey on roaches. The Jewel Wasp has a body that appears almost metallic, with green and blue colorations. It’s known for injecting venom directly into the brain of a cockroach … that turns the victim into a type of zombie. And what happens next does in fact sound like a horror movie. The wasp lays its eggs into the abdomen of the cockroach. Upon hatching, the larvae will feed on the roach, chewing through its innards — all while the host is still alive!

Giant Weta
This one sure does look intimidating … but it doesn’t have the same scary behavior as some of the other insects on the list. Still, the Weta’s sheer size is enough to give people the jim-jams. Found in New Zealand, there are eleven species of this creature. They’re among the heaviest insects in the world– and going around 2.5 ounces, it’s heavier than some rodents and birds! And their bodies can measure around 8 inches, including the legs and antennae.

Hercules Beetle
Taking a look at this picture, of looks as if someone is holding some sort of alien life form (2) The oblong shape and orange coloration … along with the bizarre horn-like pincers extending from the body … convinced many people that this was an extraterrestrial species. Video actually shows the object wriggling and writhing around in a creepy fashion, which only added to the speculation online. The strange life form is actually the larva of the aptly named Hercules beetle. It’s the third stage of the larva’s life as it morphs into an adult beetle … and it stays dormant in its cocoon as it develops its exoskeleton within. Did you know the Hercules beetle grows more than 6.5 inches long, and can weigh around three ounces. And if you think they look weird at this stage of their life, they start off looking like a huge, yellow worm … big enough to nearly fill up a human hand (4/wiki)! But as adults, they truly do look like a fearsome alien species that are made out of metal (5/wiki) … and can lift objects around 850 times their body weight!