15 Reasons Why You Should Never Trust Trends

Wake up Fools! We are community animals, our instinct is to move the head. And people that control mass media know that and know how to create the illusion of the human heard doing something that, in reality, would never do. But our species survived so much from this, or so we think, that it’s hard coded into our system to do what the group is doing. ( Some really funny Asian pranks play with this our human instinct). A great example of this is how different our sense of aesthetics has evolved over time, each trend reflects our perception of what the group is doing, but was it really promoting upside down heart shaped bangs? I think not! What do you think?

From bizarrely shaped bangs to florally decorated boards, here are the 15 Weirdest Trends. Hopefully, these strange happenings don’t resurface!

8. Heart-Shaped Bangs
These days it’s all about what new hair color or hair dyeing technique is going to be the next big thing. So it was kind of a weird shock to see people working this new style of bangs, considering back don’t get much love in the first place. Young South Korean girls in their teens and twenties were curling their bangs in a way that makes them loop and look like a heart. All you need is some hairspray and a curling iron.

7. Muslim Lolitas
If you’ve never heard of lolita fashion it’s basically a fashion subculture where women dress up in modernized Edwardian and Victorian era style clothing. The trend is mostly observed in Japan where it’s highly popular among the youth. But here’s a twist that’s weird because no one saw it coming. Muslim beauty bloggers have taken up the lolita trend while coordinating their outfits with their hijabs. Who could have predicted how good these two looks would work so well together?

6. Merman Hair
Usually, it’s women who are pioneering new looks and creating hot trends but men everywhere stepped up their game to give us merman hair. The concept of dying your beard and hair vividly bright colors is an odd one mostly because most men don’t do it but this gave everyone serious mermaid goals. Women have long since been dyeing their hair mermaid colors before guys but it’s nice to the see the other gender changing up their look.

5. Quirky Undergarments
This might not be the most recognized trend out there considering that no one really sees anyone’s underwear over the multiple layers of clothing we all wear. That being said, the only people at fault for making this a thing are the designers. Just look at the following image. This. This right here. This is not a look. That creepy looking face made by the lingerie is just not cutting it. Burn it. Burn it with fire.

4. Flower Beards
These floral facial hair looks were being donned by men all across social media sharing their creations and it seemed like every time you scrolled down your feed there was a man with flowers in his beard. The look began to gain traction on the social media site Tumblr where it then exploded into full on trend mode last summer. What do you all think? Is it a yay or nay and do you want to see them again this year?

3. Fur Nails
This hair-raising trend showed up last year in February during New York fashion week when models for the Libertine catwalk were seen sporting them down the runway. The nails were made by a team of nail artists who work in the CND Design Lab team and it was reported that it took them around 200 hours to complete the whole collection. Then everyone started DIY-ing the look. This obviously isn’t an everyday sort of look considering that they’d get ruined the first time you’d wash your hands.

2. Scorpion Nails
We’ve already seen quite a few, uh, interesting types of nail art but this one that swept through Mexico back in March of last year takes the cake. It’s at the Miss Uñas beauty parlor located in Durango, Mexico that the scorpion nail trend was pioneered. The baby insects are, of course, dead and placed onto the nail and sealed with a layer of acrylic gel. It’s the only place to get the trend done so women from all over Mexico and even North America have flown done there to get fitted with the extremely poisonous insects.
Before we reveal number 1, let us know in the comments below which one of these trends you thought was the weirdest and don’t forget to subscribe! And now…

1. Bagel Head
We just have to ask. What would you be willing to do in order to keep up with all the latest trends? Spend an entire paycheck? How about cosmetically altering your appearance? The bagel head trend swept through Japan around 2012 ish but has been around since 2007. The patient gets injected with exactly 400cc of saline solution into the forehead for about two hours and the impression is made with just a thumb. The forehead returns to its original size within 16-24 hours as the saline gets absorbed into the body.