14 Unique Cinematic Venues

From the famous Fox Theater to the NEST Tree Top Screening, here are 14 Unique Cinematic Venues.

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7. Fox Theater
Looking at this brings to mind a venue for something like the Phantom of the Opera, except there’s no masked loner lurking in the walls–that we know of anyway. Located in Detroit, Michigan, The Fox Theatre encapsulates that look of old and elegant European theaters, all in the American Mid West. It is the largest theater in the city, housing over 5,000 seats and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. So while most movie theater experiences involve being in the dark, a lot of you might wonder what’s the point of sitting in a place this gorgeous if the lights are going to go off most of the time? The Fox Theater also has bragging rights as one of the top-grossing cinemas in the United States, so there must be a reason people keep coming back. Plus, those arches make for perfect acoustics.

6. The Cinémathèque Française
This abstract architecture belongs to the French building known as La Cinémathèque Française, a French film organization that was established in 1936. The building here is an archive for film documents and is known for being one of the largest collections of such in the world. Located in Paris, France, the site is also host to screenings of films as well.

5. The Odyssey of Pi: Cinema on Water
Anyone who’s seen Ang Lee’s adaptation of Life of Pi knows it’s an incredibly visual movie that pulls in its audience to be immersed in the cinematic experience. Fox France took this suggestion to the absolute max when the film was released in 2012. At the Piscine Pailleron, lines of boats sat over the water while Life of Pi played in front of the floating audience. After attending an event like this, how are you ever going to settle for anything else the next time you watch a movie?

4. Cinepolis Junior
Cinepolis is the acclaimed Mexican chain of movie theaters and is the biggest chain of movie theaters in its country–not counting its properties in other parts of Latin America, the United States, Spain, and India. This year, they’ve made an announcement to debut their Cinepolis Junior, a venue where kids can play while also watching a movie (with their parents relaxing in their chairs). So no more kids making ruckus as they run up and down the aisle as they disturb the other other goers. Cinepolis aims to make the cinematic experience a smoother event during family’s evening plans. Chief Executive for the United States Branch Adrian Mijares Elizondo says that the idea came from the hope for children to feel “welcome and comfortable” in an environment they’re often berated for not sitting still.

3. Sci-fi Dine-In Theater
Maybe you’re out at a drive in one night and while you enjoy the atmosphere, maybe the weather is kind of crummy and you’re not enjoying yourself as much you thought you would. Likewise, if you’re in a traditional indoor theater and find yourself missing the novelty of being out in the open in the comfort of your car, there’s no need to fret. The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is just for you. That’s a mouthful to say. There’s a nighttime backdrop to make you feel like you’re outside, with seats and tables designed as classic cars to add to your comfort. Since it is a restaurant, you can order food while watching. No need to excuse yourself in the middle of the film for that tub of popcorn you were suddenly craving.

2. Cineteca Matadero
You feel like you’re being submerged into some otherworldly and futuristic world of sight and sound when you step into the Cineteca Matadero. Located in Madrid, Spain, the audiovisual venue aims to be a place that houses a unique experience when it comes to cinema. Their programming is based more on screenings that emphasize culture and modern society to provoke audiences to think about those subjects. The insanely lit cinema used to be an old slaughterhouse, which just adds to its austereness. Of course they show art house films here. Where else could be the perfect place to do so?
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1. NEST Tree Top Screening in Paris
France does it again. In collaboration with RealID Europe, Fox Studios France came up with the treetop screening, where the audience is suspended about 5 meters from the forest floor in a “nest like” environment where they screened the 2013 animated film “EPIC” within the surroundings of tall trees–with their 3D glasses on, to top it all off. You could visit all the other cool venues, but a treetop event like this is a solely unique experience.