13 hacks you would never though of solving with an egg!

From eggs saving your fading jewelry to performing magic egg tricks, here are 13 Strange Things to Do With Eggs

Egg Oxidization
Are some of your silver or copper jewelry beginning to fade? Turns out that eggs make for a quick and easy oxidation process. Boil an egg for approximately 10 minutes, fish it out, place it in a plastic zip locked bag, crush it up and place your jewelry inside, mix it all up and leave it alone. According to several online sources about this eggy procedure for jewelry care, you should begin to see results within a few minutes. The longer the jewelry is left inside the more oxidation happens. Now you are only a wash of soap and water away from newly made looking shinny jewelry.

Eggs With Legs
Maybe you’re not hungry in the morning hours. Perhaps you’re allergic to yolks or egg whites. Eggs can still be quite fun even when you choose not to eat them. Here’s one example of someone who decided to play with their food to the extreme! Maybe this person had a little too much time on their hands and decided to transform their breakfast into a piece of art. If they weren’t so weird, these egg people monsters would actually be kinda cute.

Pet Food Egg Additions
Anytime in the morning hours if you find yourself cooking up some eggs, whether fried, scrambled or steamed if you have leftovers at the end, those yummy eggs make an excellent addition to your cat or dog chow. Plain egg whites with no additives work the best, but a little yolk is ok, try to avoid seasonings like salt, pepper, hot sauce, or things of that nature. The best method is to prepare your eggs and set a little aside for your beloved pet before adding additional forms of seasoning. Once your eggs are ready simply shake some of them into your kitty or puppy’s dry kibble. Eggs are a great source of easily digestible proteins, vitamins and minerals, plus eating these will keep your pet’s fur coat super shiny!

Egg Tempera(tem-prah) Paint
All you need to do to have super resistant and shiny paint is remember to keep some eggs around your house, even old expired yolks will do. First, separate out the egg yolks into small bowls and then add colored pigments, the solution will quickly turn to a thick paste. To loosen the solution add a thinning agent such as distilled water, vinegar or white wine depending which recipe you choose. This paint is fast drying and long lasting, the textured colored dye dries hard and is nearly permanent, some tempera paintings still hang in museums today which were painted from as far back as the first century AD. Egg tempera painting was the primary method for the brush based art form until the 1500s when oil painting was invented. Nowadays, many use this frugal painting method to redo rooms in their homes.

Egg Mask
Egg yolks can be used to help condition troubled locks, add a raw egg to your conditioner and watch your hair glisten and shine with natural moisturisers. And if that tip isn’t enough to satisfy you, here’s another nifty tip found in the confines of an eggshell. The protein found in egg whites is absolutely fantastic for skin. The proteins help to repair damaged cells and promote new growth for weary face flesh. There are also nutrients such as potassium and magnesium inside those white parts of the egg which help to hydrate weakened skin. One recipe promotes whisking egg whites with some lemon juice and applying the concoction as a face mask, once hardened simply wash it off and enjoy younger tighter wrinkle-free face skin.
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Magical Egg Tricks
There’s a whole bunch of fun tricks you can do to astound your friends and neighbors with these shelled breakfast foods. You can balance a hard boiled egg. Hold an egg near a candle to cover the shell in soot and then place it in a bowl of water to make it appear a strange mirror-like silver color. Make an egg float in salt infused water. Pickel an egg in a jar of white vinegar and allow it to be emerged and soak for several days, some say a week to melt off the shell and reveal a translucent bizarre looking egg. Shake up that pickled egg and watch the yolk inside splash around, it’s quite strange looking. And lastly, take a few matches or light a small shard of paper on fire inside a bottle. Next, take a shelled hard-boiled egg and place it on top of the hole of the bottle’s rounded opening. The egg should get sucked straight through the tiny round opening with a gentle popping sound.